The 100th Day Of School

Here we are, 100 days into the school year! Especially given the ongoing pandemic, this is a perfect moment to reflect on the things in which we have succeeded as well as those where improvement may be needed, but mostly this is a time for celebration. No matter if our students are virtual, this is still a celebration of academic achievement.

Every year in our classrooms, we celebrate the 100th day of school. Even though this year is not like every other year, virtuality did not stop our celebration of this milestone.

In the elementary years, developing basic numeracy skills such as counting, sorting, measuring, sequencing, graphing, or classifying is a critical component of math instruction. With that in mind, the 100th day of school is a great opportunity to test those skills in a fun and exciting way.

As part of the celebration, our students started their day by sharing with their teachers and peers The 100th-day poster they completed as a special family project. Also, students from every grade, with their teacher’s guidance got a plain white t-shirt and used colorful materials and markers to design their class’s own 100th Day of School T-shirts by gluing 100 small items to them.

Students were allowed to wear their t-shirts during the classroom celebration, which included all sorts of 100th-day themed activities. This was a memorable day for all our students and we are thankful to those who made it possible.


Shakira Marchena
Elementary Principal

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