Academic Support

-Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated instruction allows students to show what they know in different ways. In all classrooms, we can find students with different learning styles. When applied, it transforms the daily learning process to match each student’s learning style giving students multiple paths to learning.

On an ongoing basis, the school counselor and teachers meet to review one and all student’s academic progress, recommending appropriate courses of action to students and parents on the basis of academic achievement or, alternatively, academic weakness. Such recommendations could include applying differentiated homework, participating in CCMS enrichment program; receiving additional tutoring in a particular subject area; or adding or limiting co-curricular and activities to ensure that the student is involved, yet not over-extended.

-Enrichment Program

Academic enrichment programs are offered to all students during the academic year in English Language Arts and Mathematics to help them reach their optimal educational potential. This program was created in order to provide all students with access to a well-rounded learning process and improve CCMS conditions for students during online learning. 

This program is designed in small groups to get more personalized attention from the teacher. Throughout the program, everyone learns at their own pace. Our enrichment program seeks to boost students’ academic performance by giving them different opportunities to respond to class materials and at a higher level. Students can freely decide to participate in the program or they can be referred by their teacher or principal.

Who We Are
Cathedral Community School is a private school that implements a curriculum supported by the CPALMS (State of Florida, USA) common core standards …

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