Core Values, Beliefs, and Learning Expectations

Cathedral Community School’s theory of action is that students learn best in a dynamic, performance-based, and innovative environment, where the student is the center of the process and the teacher is the facilitator of learning. In that sense, CCMS should provide a platform for students to self-manage their learning. 

For students to be prepared for college and life, they need a strong academic background and a set of social-emotional skills that make them, flexible, healthy, employable, and happy. CCMS provides students with experiences and a school culture that promotes all of this.

As a learning community, we foster learning experiences and innovative practices that promote the following learning expectations so that students will develop:



Critical Thinking

Problem Solving


Language Skills

Social-Emotional Skills and School Culture


At Cathedral Community School we foster and encourage our students and staff to apply our core values. These values guide our interactions and what we expect from each other.

As a student, I will...




Who We Are
Cathedral Community School is a private school that implements a curriculum supported by the CPALMS (State of Florida, USA) common core standards …

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