Summer Camp

Kids are always ready for fun, adventure, games, and learning! Cathedral Community School offers an English summer camp for children from 3 to 12 years old. During the month of July, we offer your children to experience four weeks of excitement and entertainment by meeting new people, having a daily thematic day, water fun, and a field trip every Friday.

Because it’s Summer offers the opportunity to experience a glimpse of the CCMS spirit, forge friendships and of course, have fun in a short couple of weeks in a unique way. Children come dressed-up to our campus depending on the DAY THEME! Hollywood day, Spa day, Water games day, Foam day, Splash day, Pet day, Video games day, Superhero Day, Pajama Party, Sports day, Crazy hair day, and many more.

We also provide a play-based English program at the beginning of each day. Through play, students develop vocabulary and communication skills in English. A team of professionals, coaches, and language teachers will monitor all the activities during the summer camp.

Our campers are also able to participate in many activities and classes such as, soccer, taekwondo, pool days, cooking class, dance class.

Who We Are
Cathedral Community School is a private school that implements a curriculum supported by the CPALMS (State of Florida, USA) common core standards …

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