Apply to CCMS

New Students

   • Fill in the Application Form

Parents or guardians will complete a file related to the potential student, attaching the following documents:

  • Birth Certificate copy.
  • Copy of Report Cards from the current school year.
  • Recommendation Form.
  • US$70.00 fee (admission exam)
  • Complete Admission Tests and Psychological Evaluation

The student must submit the required documents and forms for evaluation purposes. For preschool to 1st grade, the evaluation consists of an observation of social-emotional skills while interacting with peers, a literacy diagnostic assessment, and an interview.  Moreover, from 2nd to High School social-emotional and academic diagnostic assessments are performed focused mainly on the areas of English, Spanish, and mathematics. 

  • Admission Results and Family Interview

The School Counselor proceeds to deliver the results in a family interview within three (3) business days. If the expectations have complied, the registration process should take no longer than 15 days.

   • Complete registration forms.
   • Birth certificate.
   • Grade Records from the student’s current school (verified by MINERD).
   • Certificate of completion of the Elementary levels (6th grade).
   • Grade Reports (High school students).
   • Student Educational History from SIGERD.
   • Complete medical file.
   • Medical certificate.
   • Vision and hearing screening evaluation.
   • Copy of immunization record (preschool to 6th).
   • Two (2) 2’x 2’ photos.
   • Letter for the previous school that there are no pending financial invoices.
   • Letter of good conduct from the past school.
   • Copy of ID of both parents (Dominicans)/ or passport of both parents (foreigners).
   • Complete Enrollment Agreement.

International Student

   • Comply with all the previous requirements on admission policies.
   • Apostille the grade record and birth certificate in the country of origin.
   • Translate birth certificate and grades record by a legal translator.
   • Verify the grade record with the Ministry of Education (MINERD) Accreditation and Qualification office.

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