New High School System

CCMS has developed a new college school system for High School that will help our students gain ownership of their learning process.

Learning at CCMS
At Cathedral Community School, we believe students learn best in a dynamic, performance ­based, collaborative, and innovative environment, where the student is the center of the process and the teacher is the facilitator of learning.
We share an understanding that learning is the process of a continuous acquisition of knowledge and skills that are integrated through creating, evaluating, and applying. This skill development is essential for life long learning application and aptitude. We also believe in collaborative learning and applying a set of High Order Thinking Skills into our daily practice. CCMS is aware that we need to move beyond recalling and remembering information and move deeper into analysis, evaluation, creation, and application. Since it is in the higher levels of thinking that our brains deeply learn information, we are moving to the integration of high-order thinking into our learning practice.
Moreover, we acknowledge that students acquire a more profound understanding through investigation, active exploration, and creating solutions to real world questions, challenges, and problems, which is referred as Project-Based Learning.

CCMS to me is the school with the best teachers ever, great students, a good class system, fun activities, and classes, like ELA, Social Studies, Science; these are my favorites. It is the best school you can imagine.

Rocio Calderon

Regarding Early Childhood Education, we believe in play-based learning, where play is used as the context of learning. Play is the natural language of preschoolers, therefore, through it, children can explore, experiment, discover, and solve problems in imaginative and playful ways. The teacher encourages children’s learning and inquiry through interactions that aim to stretch their thinking to higher levels.

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Who We Are
Cathedral Community School is a private school that implements a curriculum supported by the CPALMS (State of Florida, USA) common core standards …

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