Social-Emotional Learning

At Cathedral Community School we are committed to the development of social-emotional skills in our students. We believe that self-discipline, emotion management, and problem-solving skills provide a foundation to cope with everyday challenges. 

SEL helps develop healthy identities, handle emotions, and achieve personal and collective goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain supportive relationships, and make responsible and caring decisions.

Our Preschool and Elementary students learn, practice, and develop SEL through a literacy program named Cloud9World.

Cloud9World is a unique and innovative social and emotional learning program that integrates literacy as the vehicle for teaching character strengths. This program utilizes the acquisition and strengthening of emotional management strategies and character to develop greater personal mental health and the capacity to make wise choices for a well-rounded life and a thriving society.

Cloud9World provides students, teachers, and families with a comprehensive and robust eLearning platform of interactive resources to build, apply, and expand social-emotional skills across communities.

To continue with our SEL program through the years, our students from Middle & High School get a more profound understanding of SEL through CASEL’s framework. CASEL’s SEL framework fosters knowledge, skills, and attitudes across five areas of competence and multiple key settings to establish equitable learning environments that advance students’ learning and development.

Who We Are
Cathedral Community School is a private school that implements a curriculum supported by the CPALMS (State of Florida, USA) common core standards …

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