Distance Learning

Distance learning provides thrilling opportunities to take part in and continue with your learning process while being out of our campus. Students will have the chance to learn from home with the guidance and support of their teachers, counselor, and principals. CCMS wants students to succeed and will do everything in their power to guarantee that each student learning process continues.

Set up space from which to work

Locate a space free of distractions and optimal light. You need a writing surface, reading space, power for devices, headphones, an internet connection (5 MBps or better), and supplies for some assignments. You must clean your surroundings

Dress appropriately

Students are expected to wear their regular uniforms during distance learning periods.

Class rules apply

  • The camera must be on at all times.
    • To ensure they are participating actively, it is mandatory for all students to keep their cameras on during online classes

Practice using your digital tools

There will be some regular digital tools we will use to stay connected as we learn together. Review the list below and be sure you are ready to engage using these tools. The teacher will let you know if there are any additional resources being used for each class.

    •    • Zoom: This will be used for real-time, synchronous, classes.
    •    • GSuite for Education:
    •    • Google Drive: Check your access to your GDocs, GSlides, and other  functions.
    •    • Gclassroom: Google classroom works as our own virtual classroom.
    •    • GSuite emails: Each student is provided with an institutional email   (*******@cathedral.edu.do). The email is a                    straight way for students to stay in touch with their teachers and other staff. Students must make sure to check their          email daily and use it as a communication tool to stay in touch.
    •    • IXL: Personalized Math App that follows our curriculum.
    •    • Raz kids (Learning A to Z): Online guided reading program.
    •    • Noredink: English App that supports writing and grammar development.

Take a 10-minute break from the screen after every period

      •    •  It is important to take breaks throughout the school day. This gives students, and teachers, the chance to unplug.             Breaks during distance learning provide a chance to refocus.
CCMS means; how we endlessly talk until we’re muted. It means how we’re taught something and don’t know how to answer the questions later, how we laugh, How we get distracted by the same air and get lost in the reading. It means how we’re such a small group and are able to create so many remarkable moments. It means how we treat each other even though we met online. It means how we use the filters just to make people laugh, but the only person laughing is us. It is about how weird is to see somebody’s room on the first day of school. It means all the Kahoots we won and lost, all the words we read wrong, and all the assignments we did, and more.

Camille Holguin

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