Parents Educational Night

“From Anxiety to Calmness”
Dr.Margarita Heinsen

Along with the benefits that come from the Online Learning phenomenon, it also brings a set of challenges that students, parents, and school staff have to face. We are all eager to know when we are going to be back enjoying face-to-face moments with our community. 

On Wednesday, December 9th during our second Parents Educational Night, Dr. Margarita Heinsen had a virtual talk with our school community. This interactive Zoom meeting was a great experience for all of the CCMS families to get multiple tips and enriching advice on how to keep our anxiety under control. Moreover, she provided real-life examples of how to support our children during the confinement and the new reality that COVID-19 has brought.

Parents and staff were able to share some of their personal experiences they had during the past months. It was a space of venting and learning.

We feel grateful for having Dr. Heinsen with us during that night.


Eryka Mateo
School Counselor

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